A Brief History on the Royal Stone

Just like most precious stones, sapphire has been used for centuries by some of the earliest civilizations for just about everything. According to the Natural Sapphire Company, early priests and scholars believed sapphire to have special unearthly properties if harnessed correctly. The ancient Persians even believed that the earth was balanced on a massive sapphire stone which gave the sky its natural blue hue. Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, wore an impressive sapphire amulet around his neck to show his devotion to God, as it resembles faith and purity throughout almost every early civilization.

Sapphire has been believed to have medicinal healing properties as well. The early Christian clergy commonly exercised lithotherapy, which uses naturally occurring tones, including sapphire, to heal the mind and body. Those who challenged the validity of said practices at the time were simply ex-communicated from the church altogether. Alchemists from the renaissance era tried to harness its powers as well as necromancers, who favored sapphire for summoning spirits of the dead for prophecy and black magic.

Today, sapphire is merely a symbol for loyalty, honesty and devotion – hence its common use for engagement and promise rings alike. Although we now know that the earth is not, in fact, balanced on a massive cut of blue sapphire, many still use the precious stone to attract financial success, promote mental clarity, clear depression and strengthen intuition.


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